Coffee shop quality hot beverages at your fingertips - the Flavia ® way!

Do you like coffee? Do you like top quality coffee? Do you like different types of coffee at different times of the day or to suit different mood?

Perhaps an espresso first thing in the morning - just the thing to get you started! Then a creamy cappuccino late morning - light and sophisticated. You'll take a rich roast or Colombian before you leave to celebrate another successful day. Or if it all gets too much, there's always decaffeinated!

You can indulge all your coffee fantasies with coffee from a Flavia ® machine. Or come to that, if coffee isn't your thing at all how about the option of real leaf teas, including English Breakfast, Royal Blend, Earl Grey and more. For the health conscious, flaunt your self awareness with a herbal tea. Then if you just need indulgence or comfort, why not a Galaxy hot chocolate or creamy chococcino. Again, Flavia ® machines will meet your every need.

Flavia ® freshpack vending system

Flavia ® are a market leader in the supply of machines that deliver a wide range of high quality hot beverages. Whatever your drink, the freshness and aroma is individually sealed into every Flavia ® freshpack and this is released only when you fill your cup.

There are no stewed drinks and freshness is guaranteed at every vend. Making a drink is simplicity itself, and there is no wastage or mess. Cleaning is simple and painless. Disposal of used freshpacks (which remain dry!) likewise.

Flavia ® machines have proven reliability so you will have no worries about breakdowns or loss of service. Although the process used is sophisticated, the mechanism for delivering drinks is simple, straightforward and trouble free.

Flavia ® and Flavia ® Machines

For the ultimate hot drinks vending machines, look no further than Flavia ®. Their coffee and hot drinks machines can be found in offices the world over - a testament to the high quality, reliability and freshness of drink.

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Flavia ®   Creation 400 Machine

Flavia ® tabletop vending machine range

The Flavia ® tabletop range offers a choice of ten fresh ground coffees, six real leaf teas, five herbal teas and a creamy hot chocolate drink. Both the Flavia ® SB100 machine and the Flavia ® Creation 400 machine vend all of the above. However, the Flavia ® Creation 400 machine also offers cappuccino, caffe latte, chococcino, Mars chococcino, mochaccino, Mars mochaccino and chai latte, delivered through the special Flavia ® frothing process.

Flavia ® Creation 400 Machine with Flavia ® Display Merchandiser   and Paypod

All drinks are prepared using the unique Flavia ® freshpacks. This system preserves the essence and character of bean to cup coffee and fresh leaf teas. These freshpacks are flavour-sealed capturing maximum aroma and freshness.

Flavia ® Creation 400 machine

The Flavia ® Creation 400 machine is a more sophisticated, higher volume hot drinks system that offers an excellent range of individually presented drinks to cater for all tastes.

The Flavia ® Creation 400 machine offers a full coffee shop menu that also includes options not available with the Flavia ® SB100 machine, including authentic cappuccinos, caffe latte, mochaccinos, chococcinos and also the new chai latte.

Although it is designed for higher levels of use than the SB100 machine, the Flavia ® Creation 400 machine retains a sleek, compact and stylish design that is perfect for any office environment, and equally functional for sales environments, boardrooms, conference centres, hotels, public houses and restaurants (avoiding that stewed percolator product often provided!).

The Flavia ® Creation 400 machine is simple to use and quick to clean, with minimal fuss or mess. It has inbuilt flexibility, and can be configured to meet your requirements. Also the machine can be plumbed in to the mains for a constant supply (recommended), or hand filled (total tank capacity 3.6 litres). The presence of adjoining hot and cold tanks reduces brewing times.

The Flavia ® Creation 400 machine will either operate on free vend, or can be token/coin operated (requires optional Pay Pod pay vend system). The Flavia ® Creation 400 machine can also be supplied with an optional base cabinet containing a bin unit and cup tubes (if required).

The standard Flavia ® Creation 400 free vend machine package includes:

  • Flavia ® Creation 400 machine
  • Free 18 selection display merchandiser
  • 3 years technical support (parts and labour)
  • Starter pack (containing over 250 drinks and various ancillaries)
  • Delivery
  • Installation

Flavia ® Creation 400 Hot Drinks Vending Machine with Flavia ®   Paypod

Flavia ® Creation 400 Hot Drink Vending Machine with Flavia ®   Display Merchandiser, Flavia ® Paypod and Flavia ® Base Cabinet with Cup   Tubes