Crane Merchandising Systems Vending Machines

Crane Merchandising Systems (CMS) are UK based leading designers and manufacturers of vending and beverage dispense equipment. CMS deliver a complete innovative vending solution of hot and cold drinks machines, snack and food merchandisers and versatile combination models in the marketplace.

Crane Shopper 2 Food Merchandiser

The Crane Shopper 2 vending machine sets a new standard for food, snack and cold drinks dispensers. Products are stocked into individual compartments on 9 rotating shelves. Each shelf comprises five trays, each of which can be divided into two, three, four or five segments.

The trays are easy to configure, able to hold a selection of plated meals, to small snack items. This flexible system optimizes the use of space, enabling vending of a wide variety of products.

The Shopper 2 vending machine offers a giant 23% increase in vending volume compared to previous models, and provides the widest selection of products available from just one machine. The new larger compartment sizes allow the Crane Shopper 2 to stock 229mm platters as well as upright cans, tetra paks and sandwiches for a superior product display.

For easy accessibility, Shopper 2 also features powered vending doors on all levels, allowing one handed operation.

Another great feature of the Crane Shopper 2 is the audit system; it records sales information which assists with stock control and machine management. The information is viewed via the display or printed using a hand-held printer. This machine is available with either cash or a card payment system.

Crane Shopper 2 Vending Machine Features

  • 9 levels each with 127 mm (5") tall vend doors allowing for optimum product visibility and easy access for users
  • Powered vend doors on all levels allow easy, one handed operation
  • Two way drum rotation speeds selection time and increases sales
  • Foam-in-place cabinet and door increases overall operating efficiency and eliminates sealing, condensation and temperature variation issues
  • New refrigeration design and improved airflow provides the most even temperature distribution in the industry
  • Shopper 2 machines can help provide a healthy vending option for schools, sports centres, canteens etc
  • Bespoke graphics available to special order
  • Individual selection pricing increases flexibility

Crane Shopper 2 Vending Machine Specification

Crane Shopper 2 Vending Machine

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 968 mm
Depth: 782 mm
Weight: 323 Kg

Crane Shopper 2 Vending Machine

N&W StarFood Food Vending Machine

The StarFood food vending machine from N&W offers a dual temperature system and can maintain a steady temperature in a range of 0 to 3°C for refrigerated items (the refrigeration unit is a monoblock slide-in). The air flow for each separate drum can be easily adjusted, allowing the machine's temperatures to be configured to meet individual site requirements.

The StarFood vending machine is efficient in its use of space - requiring minimal floor space while also retaining very respectable capacity limits thanks to the large internal drums. Each drum has a diameter of 700 mm (which can hold dishes with a diameter of up to 9 inches; the StarFood is available with 8, 9 or 10 drums.

The unique StarFood vending machine offers some truly innovative features and is capable of responding to pretty much all requirements for the proper preservation and vending of food items.

N&W StarFood Food Vending Machine Features

  • Available with 8, 9 or 10 drums
  • Air flow can be adjusted on each drum
  • Flexible advanced electronics
  • Monoblock slide-in refrigeration unit
  • Direct push button selections
  • Automatic sliders
  • Standard temperature of 3°C which can be increased to 12°C
  • Machine will automatically be blocked if temperatures exceed safety limits
  • Compartments per drum: 6, 12, 18, 24 or 36
  • Shopper or FIFO mode

N&W StarFood Dimensions / Technical Information

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 850 mm
Depth: 900 mm (door is easy to take off)
Drum Diameter: 700 mm
Drum Sector Depth: 280 mm

N&W   StarFood Food Vending Machine

Vendo G-Snack Vending Machines

Vendo are one of the most established vending machine manufacturers on the market. The company success can be put down to high quality reliable service, coupled with a diverse array of superior products. For these reasons you can be sure their new dual temperature 'G-Snack' combination snack vending machine range are nothing short of excellent.

The G-Snack vending machines boast some of the best technical features to be found on a combi machine while still remaining highly economical thanks to its low power consumption and smart energy saving modes.

Included in the many innovative features provided by these machines is the patented Coupling System. This allows for the vending spirals inside the machine to be easily positioned in 8 different angles - without having to remove them first - this is a brand new feature for a vending machine! Another unique feature of these machines is the 'removable delivery eyelet'; dramatically reducing the effort involved with machine maintenance and cleaning.

The G-Snack range is available in a wide variety of colour options, and in both Master and Slave versions. Additionally, the Master version can be installed with an elevator system for faster fragile product delivery.

The prices of these machines are very competitive, and should certainly be considered by anyone interested in the acquisition of snack/food/drink/combination vending machines.

Vendo G-Snack Combi Machine Features

  • Spiral Merchandiser
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Speedy Elevator Option
  • Configurable Dual Internal Temperature
  • Safety Health Control
  • Patented Coupling System
  • Removable Delivery Eyelet
  • Bankable

Vendo G-Snack Combi Machine Security

For those concerned about the security of their vending machines, the G-Snack range incorporates a number of factory-fittet and optional protection features, including:

  • Double Tempered Glass
  • Anti-Theft Device
  • Safety Coin Return
  • Safety Coin Insert (Optional)
  • Anti-Vandalism Keyboard (Optional)
  • Optic Sensors (Optional)

Vendo G-Snack Combi Machine Specification

Numeric Selections
No. of Selections: 56
No. of Shelves: 7
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 955 mm (Master), 805 mm (Slave)
Depth: 850 mm
Weight: 310 kg (Master), 245 kg (Slave)
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz

Vendo G-Snack   Combi Vending Machine

Westomatic Easy5000 8-Drum Carousel Food Vending Machines

The 8-drum Easy5000 is an ideal, eye-catching and compact solution for merchandising fresh food items such as sandwiches, yoghurt and fruit. With a 96 item capacity and up to three selling prices per drum this machine offers the potential for great product variety and choice. The maintained machine temperature of between 3ºC and 8ºC, available FIFO (first in first out) selection system and the health control thermostat, all combine to ensure that only the freshest products are vended.

For more information about the Easy5000 food vending machine, please follow this link to view the brochure:

Easy5000 8 Drum Vending Machine (capacity 96 items)

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 863 mm
Min Depth: 772 mm
Weight: 275 Kg

Westomatic Easy5000 8-Drum Vending Machine (Side View) -   Customised Graphics

Wittenborg FM 7000 Food Vending Machine

The FM 7000 vending machine is a great choice for vending snacks and fresh food, easily and simply; it is straightforward to load and program and offers a high degree of flexibility. Food is well preserved in the cooled environment and also hygienically dispensed. This is extremely important when it comes to fresh food vending. Additionally, the FM 7000 food vending machine features an automatic cut-off feature which disables the machine should the internal temperatures exceed safety limits.

A wide variety of food items can be dispensed from this vending machine, including: plated meals, packed sandwiches, pastries, fruit, yoghurt and more. Plates up to 9 inches in diameter can be vended from the large 700 mm diameter drums within the vending machine. The FM 7000 comes in 8 to 10 drum versions, catering for varying product sizes.

A novel air flow system allows for individual adjustment on each drum. This can either enable different temperatures to suit different types of food items simultaneously, or just one evenly distributed temperature throughout the machine.

Setting the prices is easy and can be individually programmed for each drum. Prices are shown via an electronic display.

Wittenborg FM 7000 Food Vending Machine Features

  • Modern, user-friendly design with contemporary look
  • Separate prices for each drum
  • 8 to 10 drum versions available
  • Air flow of the large 700 mm diameter drums can be individually adjusted
  • Can vend plates up to 9 inches in diameter
  • Food preserved and hygienically served
  • Slide out refrigeration unit
  • FIFO (First In First Out) or shopper mode available
  • Programmable temperature with safety cut-off feature

Wittenborg FM 7000 Dimensions / Technical Information

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 850 mm
Depth: 895 mm
Depth (with door open): 1650 mm
Weight: 348 Kg
Drum Diameter: 700 mm
Programmable Temperature Range: 2°C to 19°C

Wittenborg FM   7000 Food Vending Machine

Westomatic Easy5000 10-Drum Carousel Food Vending Machines

The 10-drum Easy5000 has all the advantages of the 8-drum machine, and with an increased item capacity of 136. Both Easy5000 vending machines are illuminated for superior product presentation and possess an Intelligent Merchandising system, which ensures the drums are always automatically positioned to display the maximum number of products. Some security features of th Easy5000 include an automatic delivery door to help reduce vandalism and product tampering. Easy5000 vending machines are ideal for banking with other Westomatic machines and microwave stands.

For more information about the Easy5000 food vending machines, check out the brochure by following this link:

Easy5000 10 Drum Vending Machine (capacity 136 items)

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 863 mm
Min Depth: 772 mm
Weight: 275 Kg

Westomatic Easy5000 10-Drum Vending Machine

Wurlitzer VarioTemp Snacks, Confectionery and Food Vending Machines

The Wurlitzer range of universal vending machines is the ultimate solution to snack and cold drink vending requirements. The "Gibson" of the vending world!

Precision German engineering has produced an exciting array of innovative features, which place these machines firmly at the top of the spiral vending market. Basic features include the possibility of either cash or non cash payment systems, power saving mode, food cooling unit and number of possibilities for data storage, test and service programs.

Available as an extra, the Smart Waiter elevator system is ideal for delivering delicate or fragile products from the shelf to the vend port. In addition, this feature can provide advertising space on its front panel if desired.

The Variotemp feature allows items in the machine to be stored in a choice of two different temperature zones. This allows, for instance, fresh food to be stored in the same machine as snacks and confectionery.

The high build quality ensures that this robust machine is perfect for busy, public sites such as airports and train stations. Additional security features available as extras include; safety glass, security coin insertion, security change cup, lockable cash box and safety lock.

To view the Wurlitzer 1000/850 combination vending machines brochure please use the following link:

Wurlitzer 1000 / 850 Combination Vending Machine

850 Machine (16 - 48 selections) 1000 Machine (20 - 60 selections)
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 868 mm
Min Depth: 863 mm
Weight: 340 Kg
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 1020 mm
Min Depth: 863 mm
Weight: 370 Kg

Wurlitzer 1000 Vending Machine

Wurlitzer Vending Machine

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