Combi Vending provision

Vencom Ltd supply a full range of floor standing combination vending machines (better known as combi vending machines). Typically, these were a combination of spiral and stack vending systems. However, due to recent changes in the market and demand for healthier products Intelligent Vending Ltd has discontinued these machines from our range. All our combi vending machines are now dual temperature and fully spiral operated enabling both snacks and soft drinks to be vended through the same machine. These machines are perfect for office and small business environments (15 - 45 members of staff), where two different types of machine are not warranted.

All combi vending machines are offered on a self management package that involves purchasing and operating the machines in-house. Stocking the machines in-house maximises your profits, and additionally allows you to sell products that will specifically suit your customer's requirements. A diverse range of vending products is easily sourced from local 'Cash and Carrys' or catering wholesales. A high level of technical support is available if required. All profits taken from these machines would remain yours.

Please contact Vencom Ltd for further information on any or all of these Vending Machines Call: 20059933

Azkoyen Snack Vending Machines

Azkoyen has been in the vending machine industry since around 1945 and is now a well established player in the market. Azkoyen distribute internationally, with products in more than 50 countries spanning five different continents. The reason for their success is their continued output of top quality professional products and services.

After accumulating knowledge for over fifty years, Azkoyen's experience combined with their continual research and development mean peace of mind for product reliability.

Azkoyen Palma-H Series Dual Temperature Food/Snack/Drinks Vending Machines

The Palma range of snack vending machines have been built to include an impressive amount of features and functions. Constructed using the latest technology; these machines have their own integrated diagnostic system, aided by a clearly lit alphanumeric display. Maintenance has been made as simple as possible by providing easy access to critical components, and the machines still remain flexible enough to use either a payment system or coin mechanism.

These dual temperature machines sport adjustable shelving, a variety of spirals to support different products and a thermostatic control system to maintain the required climate. The wide range of features offered make it possible for product selection to be tailored to the particular needs of sites.

Ease-of-use was a key factor when designing these machines, with the aim of reducing operation and installation costs. Tilting trays are provided for easy loading, the pricing is simple and clear, and programming the product costs in to the machines is a very straightforward process.

Security of these types of vending machines is usually of high importance, so the Palma-H series machines come with a high-security triple-glazed front panel with a three-bolt lock, plus 'anti-pry' surrounds for the durable steel selection buttons. Construction of the machine's cabinet consists of galvanized steel plates, 0.8mm thick paint and plastic made up of ABS and polycarbonates - the result is a machine highly resistant to impacts and adverse conditions.

These machines are aesthetically pleasing, proving a triumph of form and function; the eye-catching curved glass front and clearly lit display draw attention to the machine, helping to maximize impulse purchases.

Palma H70
Palma H87
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 723 mm
Depth: 865 mm
Weight: 270 Kg
Voltage: 230 V
Power Consumption: 500 W
Trays: 5-7
Spirals Per Tray: 3-6
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 888 mm
Depth: 875 mm
Weight: 340 Kg
Voltage: 230 V
Power Consumption: 500 W
Trays: 5-7
Spirals Per Tray: 4-8
Azkoyen Palma H70 Snack Vending Machine Azkoyen Palma H87 Snack Vending Machine

Azkoyen Snack Vending Machine


















Crane Climate Dual Temperature Combination Snack Vending Machine

The Climate snack vending machine from Crane Merchandising Systems offers dual temperature capabilities allowing for snacks to be served side-by-side with chilled drinks and food items. The Climate vending machine has flexible configuration options and can stock a wide selection of products. This snack machine provides operators with a compact vending solution, suitable for smaller sites, while still retaining high capacity and versatility.

An adjustable divider is incorporated in to the machine as a health and safety feature to separate perishable and non-perishable items (e.g. food and bottled drinks / confectionery items). This allows snacks, confectionery, drinks and food to all be provided by a single machine - perfect for sites with limited floor-space.

Crane Climate Combination Vending Machine Features

  • Dual simultaneous operating temperatures, kept separate by an adjustable divider
  • Machine door and cabinet are foamed-in-place, providing excellent insulation which:
    • Improves machine efficiency
    • Stops condensation forming
    • Eliminates sealing issues
    • Stops temperature variation problems
  • Fitted with SureVend™ delivery system as standard. This guarantees the customer will get the product or their money back, thanks to the integrated optical recognition sensor
  • Suitable for healthy vending - great for sites such as schools and sports centres
  • Compatible with leading MDB and executive coin and cashless payment systems
  • Customised branding/graphics options available

Crane Climate Combination Vending Machine Dimensions

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 968 mm
Depth: 1010 mm
Weight: 334 Kg

Crane Climate Combination Vending Machine

N&W Global Vending

N&W Global Vending are an internationally acclaimed vending machine manufacturer who develop and provide innovative solutions for the vending industry - benefiting from almost 80 years of experience.

From vending machine design and development to manufacture and distribution N&W Global Vending offer an unrivalled service, backed by a wealth of expertise and a highly skilled workforce.

N&W Rondo 6-40 / 6-36 Combination Vending Machine

The Rondo combination vending machine from N&W is ideal for serving snacks and drinks (cans, bottles and Tetra-Pak containers), or just snacks only. This vending machine can be configured to offer up to 48 different selections and is adaptable in its layout options. A superb machine size to product capacity ratio has been achieved, and the Rondo's sophisticated design makes positioning in a bank of other vending machines easy. A large, illuminated glass window displays products with high visibility - perfect for busy sites.

The Rondo vending machine is easy to use and provides versatile promotional options. Multiple items can be grouped and vended using a single numerical selection, or just a single press via an optional five button direct selection facility.

Other great usability features include a system to detect any vending issues and an ergonomic delivery bin.

N&W Rondo Combination Vending Machine Features

  • Dual temperature vending machine
  • Up to 48 different product selections
  • Unbreakable lexan door mounted panel
  • Optional five button direct selection module - great for high turnover and high priority products
  • Innovative 'virtual/combined' selection system allows for multiple items to be sold with a single selection - useful for offering promotions such as 'meal-deals'
  • Ergonomic delivery bin
  • Photocell detection system guaranteed delivery
  • Machine depth reduced by 10 cm thanks to a front-mounted hot air outlet

N&W Rondo Combination Vending Machine Dimensions

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 880 mm
Depth: 890 mm

N&W Rondo Combination Vending Machine

N&W Snakky RY-630 Can/Bottle/Snack Vending Machine

The Snakky RY 6-30 vending machine is the ideal solution for small to medium locations on a budget. The design is a revised version of N&W's predecessor - the world renowned Snakky. This vending machine is a combination can, bottle and snack dispenser. Stylish modern aesthetics and enhanced performance make this a desirable vending machine.

These are some of the most cost effective vending machines on the market, offering high quality, reliable operation at very reasonable prices.

N&W Snakky RY-630 Vending Machine Features

  • Appealing aesthetics and design
  • Solid and robust cabinet able to resist mild vandalism
  • Reinforced Rielda door lock
  • Black plastic delivery bin
  • Up to 3 different payment systems in one machine
  • N&W electronic platform; advanced 16-bit electronics
  • Easy to update software using Up-Key or Palm-tool computer
  • Can be banked with other machines

N&W Snakky RY-630 Vending Machine Dimensions / Technical Information

Numeric Selections
No. of Selections: 30
Capacity: 300
No. of Trays: 6
Door: Double Glazed
Illumination: 1 Lateral Side
Communication Protocol: Executive, MDB
Display: 2 Lines Alphanumeric LCD
Height: 1700 mm
Width: 703 mm
Depth: 853 mm
Depth with Door Open: 1335 mm
Weight: 190 kg
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz

N&W Snakky RY-630 Vending Machine - Included Accessories

Photocell Vend Detector System Kit
Bottle Bridge Kit

N&W Snakky RY   Vending Machine

SandenVendo VDI 700 Combination Vending Machine

The SandenVendo VDI 700 is a great choice of snack vending machine, offering up to 36 product selections (6 shelves) via a door mounted numerical keypad. This is the smaller (and lighter) brother of the VDI 800 vending machines and has been optimised for quality and performance.

The VDI 710 available in white, grey and black colours as standard.

SandenVendo VDI 700 Combination Vending Machine Dimensions / Technical Information

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 750 mm
Depth: 900 mm
Weight: 305 Kg
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz

VDI 700   Combination Snack Vending Machine

Vendo G-Snack Combination Vending Machines

Vendo are one of the most established vending machine manufacturers on the market. The company success can be put down to high quality reliable service, coupled with a diverse array of superior products. For these reasons you can be sure their new dual temperature 'G-Snack' combination snack vending machine range are nothing short of excellent.

The G-Snack vending machines boast some of the best technical features to be found on a combi machine while still remaining highly economical thanks to its low power consumption and smart energy saving modes.

Included in the many innovative features provided by these machines is the patented Coupling System. This allows for the vending spirals inside the machine to be easily positioned in 8 different angles - without having to remove them first - this is a brand new feature for a vending machine! Another unique feature of these machines is the 'removable delivery eyelet'; dramatically reducing the effort involved with machine maintenance and cleaning.

The G-Snack range is available in a wide variety of colour options, and in both Master and Slave versions. Additionally, the Master version can be installed with an elevator system for faster fragile product delivery.

The prices of these machines are very competitive, and should certainly be considered by anyone interested in the acquisition of snack/food/drink/combination vending machines.

Vendo G-Snack Combi Machine Features

  • Spiral Merchandiser
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Speedy Elevator Option
  • Configurable Dual Internal Temperature
  • Safety Health Control
  • Patented Coupling System
  • Removable Delivery Eyelet
  • Bankable

Vendo G-Snack Combi Machine Security

For those concerned about the security of their vending machines, the G-Snack range incorporates a number of factory-fittet and optional protection features, including:

  • Double Tempered Glass
  • Anti-Theft Device
  • Safety Coin Return
  • Safety Coin Insert (Optional)
  • Anti-Vandalism Keyboard (Optional)
  • Optic Sensors (Optional)

Vendo G-Snack Combi Machine Specification

Numeric Selections
No. of Selections: 56
No. of Shelves: 7
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 955 mm (Master), 805 mm (Slave)
Depth: 850 mm
Weight: 310 kg (Master), 245 kg (Slave)
Voltage: 230 V
Frequency: 50 Hz

Vendo G-Snack   Combi Vending Machine

Westomatic SnackPoint Duo Snack, Confectionery, Food and Drink Vending Machines

The SnackPoint range of machines provides style and flexibility to your vending service. They are reliable and robust machines at a very reasonable price considering the specification. They also bank perfectly with other machines from the Westomatic range.

The Duo L and M machines are top of the range in terms of versatility. They are able to meet today's demand for a variety of healthy option snacks and drinks, with their two temperature capability. Chilled to 3-5ºC, the lower section is perfect for fresh food items and 'ice-cool' drinks. A front-facing sandwich tray, to replace the bottle tray, is available for a small additional cost. The flexibility of these machines makes them ideal for a range of public, educational and office locations (currently in use at Manchester airport for example).

Available in silver or satin-black finish, these attractive machines offer excellent product presentation and value for money.

Duo M Machine (40 selections)

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 910 mm
Min Depth: 790 mm
Weight: 270 Kg
Duo L Machine (50 selections)

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 1060 mm
Min Depth: 790 mm
Weight: 340 Kg
Westomatic SnackPoint Duo M Vending Machine (40 selections) Westomatic SnackPoint Duo L Vending Machine (50 selections)

Wittenborg SM7000 Combi Snack Vending Machine

The Wittenborg SM 7000 vending machine from N&W is available in a snacks only version, or a snacks and drinks model (cans, bottles and Tetrapak containers). The SM7000 offers a flexible layout and a capacity of up to 48 different product selections.

For the complete refreshment setup, the accomplished design of the SM 7000 allows it to be banked with other vending machines from the Wittenborg 7000, Wittenborg 7600 and Wittenborg FM 7000 design line.

This vending machine is capable of vending multiple products with a single selection from the customer ('virtual' selections), great for providing promotional deals. Additionally, these vending machines come with both a numerical selection and five-button direct selection panel installed as standard. The five direct selection buttons are an excellent way of promoting high turnover and featured products.

A photocell vending detection system is fitted as standard, which guarantees product delivery or a refund will be issued. An ergonomic outward opening delivery bin completes the user-friendly design.

Wittenborg SM 7000 Combination Vending Machine Features

  • Available in snacks only and snacks and drinks versions
  • 'Virtual' selection system allows for two snacks to be vended with one selection
  • Up to 48 different product selections
  • Five direct selection buttons for increased exposure of featured products
  • 10 cm depth requirement saving thanks to a front-mounted hot air outlet
  • Unbreakable lexan panel
  • Different compartments separate electronics and payment systems
  • Illuminated product display
  • Motorised coin return

Wittenborg SM 7000 Combination Vending Machine Dimensions / Technical Information

Height: 1830 mm
Width: 800 mm
Depth: 890 mm
Depth with Door Open: 1500 mm
Weight: Approx. 290 Kg
Voltage / Frequency: 230 V / 50 Hz

Wurlitzer VarioTemp Snacks, Confectionery and Food Vending Machines

The Wurlitzer range of universal vending machines is the ultimate solution to snack and cold drink vending requirements. The "Gibson" of the vending world!

Precision German engineering has produced an exciting array of innovative features, which place these machines firmly at the top of the spiral vending market. Basic features include the possibility of either cash or non cash payment systems, power saving mode, food cooling unit and number of possibilities for data storage, test and service programs.

Available as an extra, the Smart Waiter elevator system is ideal for delivering delicate or fragile products from the shelf to the vend port. In addition, this feature can provide advertising space on its front panel if desired.

The Variotemp feature allows items in the machine to be stored in a choice of two different temperature zones. This allows, for instance, fresh food to be stored in the same machine as snacks and confectionery.

The high build quality ensures that this robust machine is perfect for busy, public sites such as airports and train stations. Additional security features available as extras include; safety glass, security coin insertion, security change cup, lockable cash box and safety lock.

To view the Wurlitzer 1000/850 combination vending machines brochure please use the following link:

850 Machine (16 - 48 selections) 1000 Machine (20 - 60 selections)
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 868 mm
Min Depth: 863 mm
Weight: 340 Kg
Height: 1830 mm
Width: 1020 mm
Min Depth: 863 mm
Weight: 370 Kg

Wurlitzer Vending Machine

Wurlitzer 1000 Vending Machine